CLoSeR project demonstrator

I was invited to take photos of the technology demonstrator created at the end of the CLoSeR project. This prototype is a life-size section of a train carriage containing seats, tables, and the embedded systems developed during the course of the project.

In this occasion the demonstrator was installed inside the WMG 3xD simulator. This location allowed the visual simulation of a train journey with projections on the 360° wall, combined with real video footages displayed on the windows.

This environment allowed us to perform usability studies and immersive user experience research. Results informed the design of the system features as part of the iterative development process.

Afterwards, the CLoSeR demonstrator was used during the commercial launch of the system, and is being exhibited during events and conferences for the rail industry.

In the photos we can see the technology developed during this project, such as the large seat displays and occupancy indicators. There are other features not visible, such as the seat occupancy sensors, armrest scanners and onboard-off-board communications systems.

My photos were used on press releases, websites and social media.